About Us

Welcome to The Gift Online!

My name is Marsha I am the CEO and founder of  The Gift Online Store featuring faith inspired apparel and accessories with the mission to uplift and motivate.

Founded in 2012, the shop started out selling casual, everyday clothing and accessories. After years of tests, trials, fasting, praying and overcoming obstacles that I thought I would not have survived. I decided to Re-brand my shop to reflect my renewed faith and trust in God.

We have included a special Awareness collection that focus on blocking bulling and blocking negative energy. Help me spread awareness with this important message on you sweater or T-shirt. We feature high quality T-shirts, sweaters,mugs and Tote bags  for adults, youths, and children. We also create customized clothing upon  request.

You can proudly show off your faith and fashion while uplifting yourself and others with your clothing statements!

Products ship within the US in 3-5 business days and worldwide in 5-9 business days.